Teachers and administrators identify a number of barriers in moving closer to their ideal professional learning experience. For teachers, the most often-cited barriers are insufficient time, lack of financial resources to pay for the professional development they want, learning that is not customized enough to the content they teach and the skills they need to develop, and a lack of continuity between professional development sessions. Administrators also cite a lack of time, training, and resources as key barriers. (Gates Foundation Study)


Concerns Answered

We are FREE

Schools embed our custom portal within minutes, giving them access to training that previously costs the district millions of dollars annually. 

YOU Earn Revenue

District can earn money in two ways. Turn solicitors into sponsors to earn money through our revenue sharing model. Offer courses you create to other districts for additional income.

White Label Training

We provide districts branded portals integrated right into your own website. You have control over the portal with our unique control management system. Monitor progress of educators and manage sponsors.

Create Your Own Training

Through our proprietary software, districts can create their own training. This will save your district in-service days, money, and allow you to customize training 100%. You can also offer this training through the general library to earn money for your district and course creator.


Integrating personal growth & professional development addresses the needs of the ‘whole’ educator. The healthier the educator, the better they teach.

Software + Content

Schools can create their own unique courses for your district. Course can be offered to others school districts nationwide where revenue can be generated for instructors and schools. 

Expert Content

Training from educators, attorneys, physicians, psychologists and other highly experienced professionals.

Live and Virtual Training

In person training, through webinars, consultation, coaching as well as virtual courses are combined for both efficiency and personalized attention.

High Animation/ Motion Graphics

With high quality simulations and motion graphics, our courses can be brought to life in a way that optimizes virtual interactivity. Even mandated courses like Bloodborne pathogens will be entertaining for faculty.