Clarity Through Coaching

Behind every great leader is a lifetime of support from mentors, coaches and experts who have helped guide their growth, leverage strengths and push them to sustain development momentum. The educational sector is tougher than ever, and therefore the demand for higher productivity and effectiveness from every individual is critical to sustain success. Our professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing your potential and in doing so will unlock your hidden sources of productivity and effectiveness. At the heart of coaching is a creative and thought-provoking process that supports individuals to confidently and purposefully pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience and commitment. Our team of expert coaches leverage contemporary insights human behavior and performance to help you understand where you are, where you want to go and the most efficient and effective path to get there.

Choose Your Delivery

Sometimes taking time away from your busy schedule just isn’t an option. Our coaching services can be delivered via email, live by phone, virtually, or a mix of the two. Individual coaching allows for great flexibility with mode and method. Group coaching is less flexible but offers the benefits from a greater support system.


Choose Your Length

You can select from a more structured time limited approach, or a flexible package where we prioritize objectives over duration. In both plans we will customize your coaching objectives to ensure you get the maximum gains in the shortest amount of time. For the structured format, three, six, and twelve month plans are most common, allowing for clear and measurable outcomes you can easily apply to your life and work.


Choose Your Type

We offer both one-on-one and group coaching experiences.Individual work is more private with greater ease of scheduling. Group work allows for greater interactivity in learning from others. Group work generally offers set times and fixed agendas.

Our one-on-one coaching experiences include:

  • 60 minute Framework & fit introductory call

  • Coaching assessment

  • Recommendations and learning tools to aid in development

  • Telephone and email support between sessions to support goals

  • Bi-monthly 50-minute coaching sessions

  • 2-hour assessment feedback and goal setting session

Our group coaching experiences include:

  • Bi-Monthly, 2-Hour Group Coaching

  • Recommendations and learning tools to aid in development

  • Groups are formed based on common objectives

  • Networking opportunities for sharing resources


If you are interested in more information on individual or group coaching experiences, please contact us at:

Teacher Leader

Mindfulness Based Teaching Part I

Mindfulness Based Teaching (MBT) is more than an approach to education, it's a way of living. Teachers who employ MBT ideals are more peaceful, present, and potent in their personal and professional l...

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Teacher Leader

Mindfulness Based Teaching Part III

In response to our outcome driven educational system, more educators are searching for a way to find joy in their work. MBT offers a new way to engage challenging students by helping them find balance...

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Teacher Leader

Mindfulness Based Teaching Part II

Mindfulness is an integration of philosophy and psychology. Blending Zen Buddhism and Gestalt therapy to create a paradigm for educators is the foundation for MBT. The first plane of MBT is explored, ...

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Newest Course

Improving Intimacy Part I

Among the fears we have as humans including abandonment, rejection, and shame, is also a fear of closeness. This foundation course explores barriers to emotional intimacy in preparation for the more advanced courses on taking action. You will end this course with a sense of what intimacy is, how it's cultivated, and the common ways it will be disrupted.

Improving Intimacy Part II

This course continues with the themes of the first course, deepening our understanding of the specific problems that inhibit us from making deep contact with others. Based on the first course, we use these common barriers to develop strategies to deepening closeness with others.

1 Anxiety Series Overview

This is the foundation course for our long series on anxiety. This course provides a framework for all the information in subsequent courses including the origins of anxiety, the way it differs from fear or worry, and the process by which people learn to become peaceful. Take this course first as it provides a good overview. It's also helpful to take these courses in order.

Healing Sexual Dysfunction Part I

Males have a difficult time with sexual intimacy for reasons that are often times different from women. Learn how to overcome the unique barriers that men experience around closeness, by first understanding the causes of common problems such as impotency and premature ejaculation.

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