TeacherCoach has created a new way for organizations and businesses to promote their brand message to educators. Our model allows for supporting companies to significantly increase their saturation into schools, getting eyeballs direct from your intended audience.

Through sponsorship of specific courses or areas educators take for both their personal growth and professional development, the organization can affiliate their brand with a particular subject matter, but that is only one strategy.

There are three recommended strategies for sponsoring a course: 1. Related subject matter; 2. Required Training; 3. Feel Good Association

1. Related Subject Matter means matching your business with the course topic. For instance, if MetLife sponsors a course on Monthly Budgeting, they will associate their brand with subject matter that relates to their line of business.

2. Required Training are those each educator needs to take on a regular basis to satisfy district and state requirements. For instance, if all the teachers in New Jersey need to take Bloodborn Pathogens as a mandated training and Horace Mann sponsors this course for all the schools in the state.

3. Feel Good Association is taking course content that holds special value for an educator and linking it to your brand. Mindfulness Based Teaching, Nutrition, or Relationship Improvement are all examples of personal growth and professional development courses this may work with.

Every time a sponsored course is taken the educator will be exposed to the company message, a thank you to the company, whatever link or promotional message the company has, and the course itself. Metrics on click throughs will be available to the sponsor.

For more information about sponsorship, please contact us at sponsor@teachercoach.com