This area will be used by organizations and business to determine which school districts they wish to sponsor a course in. Sponsors can decide by district, area code, state, or national audiences. Sponsors can select from available courses they wish to endorse.

If a school district has sent you a sponsor package, they are potentially interested in having you promote your product/ service to their faculty. A percentage of the proceeds from your sponsorship goes directly to that school district, helping them with vital funds to promote student learning.

Potential sponsors, please apply by emailing us at Schools have the right to refuse a sponsor if the content or theme is contrary to the mission and vision of the district. Matching your business with a related course is one way to help a school appreciate the relevance of your service or product.

If you know of a school district you would like to suggest using TeacherCoach to, please contact us at for a school packet.

Potential sponsors can also suggest courses they wish to create for the master library, which is another way to support educators and improve your branding.