Our White Label Learning Management System allows your organization to have a customized embedded portal with branded pages where courses can be sold or given away free for promotion. The courses would appear as though they were created by and within organization. All courses have unlimited views allowing educators to take a course as many times as they would like, returning to them to the website continuously. Contact us at sponsor@teachercoach.com to explore a custom LMS with TC courses. Your LMS can be branded with your company logo.


  • Allows client a new revenue stream through courses
  • Allows for free courses to be made available to users
  • Unlimited users
  • Company staff can use courses for professional development
  • Build revenue through user views (create your own cost model) or subsidize to user base for value added services
  • Broadcast your message and brand and attract potential clients


  1. Create an unlimited number of courses
  2. Upload an unlimited number of files
  3. Upgrade, downgrade, cancel whenever I want
  4. Start using it immediately without downloading anything
  5. Use my own presentations and documents
  6. Re-purpose content from tools like Scribd, Sharepoint, YouTube, Vimeo and Wikipedia
  7. Create tests with multiple choice, ordering, fill in the blank, etc… question formats
  8. Create surveys
  9. Share courses with non-registered users
  10. Issue my own certifications
  11. Sell my courses through Paypal
  12. Use my own logo and theme
  13. Have my own domain
  14. Import/export everything
  15. Customize branches with their own domain and theme
  16. See a timeline with system events
  17. Customize the emails sent to end-users
  18. Send customized emails on system events
  19. Use it from my iPad, cell phone, tablet, etc..
  20. Communicate through an SSL encrypted and authenticated channel
  21. Have access to free support for the duration of my paid subscription
  22. Integrate it with other services through an API