Sponsoring a course(s) provides the opportunity for targeted marketing within a specific geographic area. We offer this partnership to provide schools high level training plus financial relief but also to offer your organization direct access to educators for improved brand awareness.

Through our proprietary software, we place expert courses on the district website, many of which can be sponsored by you. While our courses specialize in education, our personal growth plus professional development model extends courses through every facet of a person’s life including family, self, relationships, and work.

As a potential sponsor, you may be interested in promoting your brand and stimulating educators toward your product/ service, through this unique and selective medium. It’s important to apply quickly as we anticipate a competitive process for the most desirable courses. For a full list of available courses to sponsor, please visit our library. 

The primary benefits for you are exposure and increased website traffic. Here are ways we can amplify these benefits:

  1. Recognition for supporting the professional development requirements for each district educator.
  2. Affiliation with helping the educator with person growth issues including family problems, relationship challenges, and health/ wellness needs.
  3. Appreciation from district administrators who will be more willing to help you advance your value proposition.

                              Soft Benefits of Partnership                   

Your organization can also embed a TC Portal on your own business website with additional courses to incentivize educators to visit. These courses can be a revenue stream or offered as a promotion. Having personal growth courses on your website will also support your employees.


  1. Clients who are less stressed tend to be more focused and less accident prone.
  2. Clients who are less stressed tend to be healthier and file fewer medical claims (for health insurance)
  3. Clients who get an added benefit of personal growth and professional development are going to associate your brand with teacher wellness, improving brand image.


Hard Benefits of Partnership

  1. Increased Revenue- A new revenue stream should you decide to charge for certain courses
  2. Valuable advertising exposure- A way to draw in new customers who newly associate the company with every aspect of their lives as opposed to strictly your business, which elicits only periodic awareness.
  3. Stickier business- A way to bring existing clients back to website more frequently (blog articles)
  4. Professional Growth- An opportunity for professional growth for corporate employees
  5. Potential promotional opportunities



In order to capture a higher percentage of the market, consider the following:

  1. Differentiate (organization) from other companies in this space, through a TC partnership, the company will be expanding their role in the lives of customers through offering courses or providing discount coupons.
  2. Becoming a corporate sponsor of TeacherCoach to drive new business through the association with a favorable brand. Help with course selection is available.
  3. Executive coaching, corporate training, consulting and employee support to help support company growth in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, etc...


Sponsors Costs

Your organization’s logo gets placed on the sponsored course with a link to any promotion or website of your choice. You will receive monthly updates on click throughs to monitor usage.

During our pilot project launch year, sponsors will receive significant discounts, to incentivize participation. Depending upon which course, how many courses, and how many districts you sponsor a course in, will determine cost. Please contact us to customize your plan.

To be considered as a school sponsor, please email coach@teachercoach.com.

Unique In Several Ways

White Label Training

We provide an organization the opportunity to brand our services in their own name, integrating it right into their own website.



Integrating personal growth & professional development addressing the needs of the ‘whole’ educator. The healthier the employee, the more productive they are.


Software + Content

Customers chose a subscription agreement based on a plan that fits their needs. They get the LMS and the professional courses as part of the same package.


Expert Content

TeacherCoach provides training from doctoral level trainers but also educational attorneys, physicians, psychologists and other experienced professionals.


Live and Virtual Training

The opportunity for in person training, consultation, coaching as well as virtual and prerecorded courses. We address every aspect of a corporation including the improvement of sales, employee retention, and organization growth.


High Animation/ Motion Graphics

With high quality simulations and motion graphics, our courses can be brought to life in a way that optimizes virtual interactivity.